Discontinued: Simrad AP35 Autopilot

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Recommended For:

  • Workboats
  • Coastal Fishing
  • Commercial Fishing


Discontinued: Simrad AP35 Autopilot

Recommended For:

  • Workboats
  • Coastal Fishing
  • Commercial Fishing

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Discontinued: Simrad AP35 Autopilot

  • The Simrad AP35 has now been discontinued. It has been replaced by the Simrad AP60 Autopilot system. The AP60 provides you with the same ease of use, and work modes which were a signature of the AP35.

Details of the AP60 can be found here:

Simrad AP60


The Simrad AP35 Autopilot is developed with the particular needs of the professional mariner in mind. The control unit is made of solid aluminium and AP35 presents you with a host of features such as:

Simple Operation

An autopilot must be simple to operate whether the boat is in transit or at work. The AP35 is equipped with dedicated push buttons for all major functions.

For automatic steering when in transit the AUTO mode is the natural choice. On longer distances when connected to a radio navigator (GPS, Loran or Decca), the AP35 steers the boat along a pre-planned route in the NAV mode. The WORK mode is entered when operating under conditions where special features are needed. Automatic U-turn and a C-(continuous)turn with adjustable radius are easily activated. Dodging can be performed on the control unit or a remote.

Local and remote course change

Course changes are made by a rotary course selector, a highly valued Simrad feature. Fine tuning of the set course is made in 1° increments by the PORT and STBD push buttons. Course changes can also be made by a handheld remote or a fixed steering lever.

Excellent readability

A large LCD with excellent readability and back-lighting also on the push buttons make the operation easy day and night.

Work mode

Traditionally an autopilot is used when in transit. Fishing boats at low speed setting nets or trawling, tug boats when towing and sport fishing boats when trolling on one engine is a totally different operation to which the conventional autopilot is not readily adaptable. By simply pressing the WORK button, the AP35 automatically adapts to a slow speed operation with increased rudder response. Access to a manual rudder trim (off-set) is provided to immediately compensate for forces that may take the boat off course.

Multi-Station operation

A full function second station or a multi-station system is made possible by the Robnet data network. As a safety feature you may from one station disable the other ones from taking control by lock-function.

Simple installation

The high technology and well proven software basis of the AP35 makes the installation and sea trial simple and time saving. Software driven menus for dockside setup and interface are operated from the control unit without the need for accurate mechanical line ups and careful checking of signals.


Reliability is what counts after all. The Simrad AP35 Autopilot offers high technology and robust design. The back-up security of a worldwide sales and service network with qualified authorised dealers are other important factors in the quality assurance of our products.

Multiple choice of heading sensors

The boats existing magnetic compass can be used by mounting a course detector underneath the compass. Alternatively you can install the Simrad RFC35 fluxgate compass. Automatic calibration is provided and fixed heading errors are easily compensated for in the installation setup. Through the CI300X analogue interface unit, the AP35 will accept a Simrad Yachting gyrocompass

Optional Rate Compass

An extra dimension in dynamic heading sensor performance. By integrating the full 360° heading resolution of a fluxgate compass with the responsiveness of a rate sensor, the dynamic performance of this heading sensor is dramatically improved.

FU50 Follow up Steering Lever

The FU50 Follow-up steering lever features a dial (scale) with 5° rudder angle markings. The rudder will move and stop at the angle selected on the dial. The FU50 has a mid-position indent, buttons for (limited) mode selection, and mode indicators (STBY, FU, AUTO, NAV and WORK). It is designed for indoor and outdoor bulkhead or panel mounting.