Seiwa SW1101 Chartplotter

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Recommended For:

  • Recreation
  • Coastal Fishing
  • Workboats


Seiwa SW1101 Chartplotter

Recommended For:

  • Recreation
  • Coastal Fishing
  • Workboats

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Seiwa SW1101 Chartplotter

The SW1101 multifunction chartplotter with SVGA sunlight viewable LCD, completes the range of flush mounted instruments which can be built-in on your dash board.

The SW1101 features 2 video inputs, to control on-board areas and guarantee safety during navigation, as well as 1 video output for repeating all the information available wherever needed.

SW1101 comes with external GPS, with high resolution display 800x600 pixel SVGA. It is extremely fast responsive, completely waterproof (IP67), and can be flush mount or bracket mounted.

The SW1101 features a powerful and user friendly state-of-the-art software, now updated with outstanding graphics and cutting edge functions, 3D perspective view, HD photos, tidal heights and currents as well as the Guardian Alarm which checks your route for potential grounding issues.

Soft Keys are available to guarantee maximum efficiency and easiness of use, which change function depending upon the current display with an easy key label prompted on the screen.

SW1101 Series is compatible with DSC and AIS equipments and is equipped with WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS GPS active antenna.

The units are compatible with C-MAP by Jeppesen cartography, using SD cartridges.


  • Worldwide Built-in Cartography showing detail up to 2.0 NM
  • C-MAP by Jeppesen MAX charts compatible
  • Object-oriented chart system with enhanced functionality including: Guardian alarm, Safety Status Bar, Safe Route Checking
  • Perspective View
  • Satellite Image Coverage (on worldwide background)
  • Turbo and Smooth Zoom
  • Multi-language
  • Enhanced Port Information database
  • Tides & Currents data
  • Photos & Diagrams
  • Automatic Information on all chart objects and User Points
    Find function for Ports Services, Ports By Name, Ports By Distance, Tide Stations, Wrecks, Obstructions, Lakes Information
  • 10,000 User Points: Waypoints/Marks
  • 10,000 Track Points
  • Tracks 5
  • 50 Routes
  • User Points Icons 16
  • Create, Move, Insert, Edit, Delete, Send, Receive Waypoint
  • Create, Move, Edit, Delete, Send, Receive Mark/Event
  • Navigation to Goto
  • Create, Save, Name, Edit, Delete, Send, Receive or Follow a Route
  • Route Data Report and User Points (Marks/Waypoints) List pages
  • Display vessel's position, direction and Track
  • Man OverBoard (MOB) to navigate back to a missing person or object
  • Range & Bearing function



When combined with SEIWA Black Box Fish Finder (50/200Khz, 100W), you can choose from a full screen sounder display or split screen sounder/chart plotter. The Black Box Fishfinder can be coupled with various kinds Airmar transducers, including transom and in hull.


SW1101 can be transformed into a radar when connected to one of the Seiwa radar scanners.