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Recommended For:

  • Coastal Fishing



Recommended For:

  • Coastal Fishing

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The Inshore vessel monitoring system (iVMS) from Marine Instruments allows the supervision of fishing areas and fish traceability for a responsible and sustainable management of marine resources. The system installation on board of fishing vessels helps the control of marine resources and the protection of restricted fishing areas.

The device is similar to the VMS systems currently used in all vessels over 12 meters imposed by European regulation. However, this system does not use satellite communication but GSM technology, which is a cost-effective alternative adapted to the needs of inshore boats. With the system, fisherman and fishing authorities can track the boat’s location at all times.


  • Exact location of each vessel
  • Details of vessel routes
  • Details of time spent in each area
  • Sound and visual alarms when entering a restricted area
  • Engine temperature and battery level data of vessel
  • Fish traceability control
  • Monitoring from Website or app.
  • Expandable with optional sensors.

Sound and Visual Alarms

Green Light - Out of the restricted fishing area.
When the vessel enters the area the iVMS will warn those onboard with a short ring.

Blue Light - Inside the restricted fishing area.
When the boat enters the area a long warning ring will sound.

Red Light - Inside the restricted fishing area.
When the vessel enters this area an intermittent ring will sound.

MMO Approval

UK Marine Management Organization (MMO) provided type approval to Marine Instruments i-VMS system, Watching Man Pro after meeting all the technical requirements stipulated by the British government. It is the first time the MMO type approves these kinds of systems, specially designed to fulfil the specific needs of vessels under 12 meters. The system will be used by British fishing authorities as a management and control tool for efficient fishing and as an aid for the conservation of marine protected areas (MPA)

Optional Sensors

  • Engine Temperature Sensor - Sets of when the engine temperature rises : £83.00
  • Door Opening Sensor - Sets off when the door/window is opened : £52.50
  • Water In Bilge - Sets off when there is water in the bilge : £90.00
  • PIR Alert - Sets off when it detects when someone is on the boat : £83.00