Standalone Chartplotters, available in sizes from 5" to 12". Providing detailed charting information along with the ability to add in your Routes, Marks as well as Tracks.

10 inch Colour AIS Chartplotter from Xinuo

Xinuo XF-1069B 10" AIS Chartplotter

5" Chartplotter from Xinou

Xinou XF-520 5" Chartplotter

Colour AIS chartplotter from Xinuo

Xinuo HM-5907 7" AIS Chartplotter

Xinuo HM-5915N 15" AIS Chartplotter

17" Chartplotter from Xinuo

Xinuo HM-5917N 17" AIS Chartplotter

Xinuo 10 inch Colour Chartplotter

Xinuo XF-1069 10" Chartplotter


Xinuo XF-808 8" Chartplotter

Xinuo XN-60 10.1" Multi Touch AIS Chartplotter

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