Xinuo XN-60 10.1" Multi Touch AIS Chartplotter

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Xinuo XN-60 10.1" Multi Touch AIS Chartplotter

XN60 series multi-function intelligent display integrates functional modules such as GNSS, chart plotter, Class B AIS, video surveillance, etc. It supports Ethernet, WIFI, 4G to realize update software online and other cloud services. Using a high-performance processor, it can quickly respond to system operations to improve user experience.

Abundant Data Interface: Support NMEA0183 and NMEA2000 format data to satisfy various data collection, reception, storage and communication such as DPT, water temperature, HDG etc. It can connect to audible and visual alarms, keyboard, mouse, network camera etc. HDMI output can mirror the same screen or be different.

Chart Data: Supports different chart formats of S-63, CJ-63 and C-MAP (MAX) to meet the needs of different user groups. At the same time, it supports overlaying satellite images and user layers on the chart, to provide users with more accurate and three-dimensional navigation information.

Class B AIS: Includes a built-in Class B AIS transponder with all normal AIS functions. The AIS information display will auto-avoid to keep the data display clear and easy to view. Support to making ships being in a group to manage, and can set multiple alarms such as anchor alarm, leave out alarm etc. The AIS radar page intuitively shows the distribution of ships, and provides many types of statistical data to meet the needs of different usage scenarios.

Video Surveillance: Support to access 6-channel IP camera with functions such as video recording, screen capture, mobile monitor alarm, realizing multi-directional real-time monitoring or ship.

Speed Limit Alarm: Data such as speed limit area and speed limit value can be pushed to the XN60 through its management platform, the data can overlay on the chart to realize real-time reminders and alarms according to the actual navigation situation, thus ensuring the navigation order and realize intelligent supervision.

Energy Management: Connect via NMEA2000 or NMEA0183 to monitor fuel consumption, engine speed, lubricating oil temperature and other energy consumption data.

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Please note: Internet access will be required to support weather, Android OS & communication functionality. For low-cost internet, options contact the Echomaster sales team on 01261 831644 or send us a message.

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