Airmar B744V

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Airmar B744V

Airmar's TRIDUCER® multisensor models feature depth, speed, and temperature in a single housing - drill only one hole in a boat! The 50/200 kHz dual frequency, single ceramic element provides good target detail in shallow water at 200 kHz and good deep water bottom tracking at 50 kHz. The B744VL's extended stem length provides the extra height needed for steep deadrise vessels or thick cored hulls.

Airmar TRIDUCER® multisensors incorporate a revolutionary self-closing valve to minimize water flow into the boat when the paddlewheel insert is removed. "Gushers" are eliminated with this simple to maintain valve.

Fins provide on either side of the paddlewheel for more accurate speed measurement in cross-flow conditions.

Combined with Airmar's fairing, installation is made simple. Made of urethane, the fairing will never swell or rot, and the unique cutting guide allows safer, more accurate cutting with a band saw. High speed fairings are provided with a corrosion resistant bolt to secure the fairing and prevent rotation.


The TRIDUCER® multisensor provides accurate speed measurement over the widest boat speed range of any thru-hull paddlewheel transducer.

The combination of a hydrodynamic paddlewheel and paddlewheel cavity, housing and fairing projection through the boundary layer and fins on either side of the paddlewheel gives an unmatched linearity.


Various temperature sensing devices can be incorporated in the housing including thermistor and semiconductor types.


Inside the TRIDUCER® multisensor housing, shielding is used to eliminate interference between the speed and depth sensors. A shielded cable and separately shielded speed and temperature conductors are used to prevent mutual interference. The bronze housing also functions as a shield.


Accomodates Hull Thickness: With Fairing: Minimum 6mm, Maximum 87mm, Without Fairing: Minimum 35mm, Maximum 133mm

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