Simrad EK Mission Planner

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Simrad EK Mission Planner

Use the EK Mission Planner to plan an autonomous mission from deployment to recovery.

This EK mission planner is a planning and programming tool for autonomous echo sounders such as Simrad WBAT and Simrad WBT Mini. You can set up all necessary parameters related to "wakeup" and "sleep" times for the echo sounder, as well as transmission modes, intervals, and other parameters.

After you have planned the deployment carefully, all settings are uploaded to the transceiver.

EK Mission Planner

In addition to running a predefine schedule, you can first use the EK Mission Planner to define the ping configurations and send these to the instrument. Then you can use the "interactive mode" (or "command mode" if you like) to control the transmissions from an external source such as an onboard controller. "Interactive mode" also enables the reading of key information such as mean volume backscattering strength in layers in real-time.

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