Simrad EK80 Portable

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Simrad EK80 Portable

The EK80 Portable is a compact version of the EK80 echo sounder system used by marine research vessels all around the world. It is an all-in-one rugged solution with a compact PC, echo sounder, and GPS. Built-in WiFi lets you control and operate the system from any handheld device or laptop.

The integrated transceiver supports chirp (FM) and continuous wave (CW) pulse forms. It contains four individual transceiver channels with multiplexing functionality. You can set it up for flexible split or single beam transducer configurations.

Key Features

Typical Applications

The EK80 Portable is contained in a splash-proof cabinet. It is easy to handle and quick to deploy in challenging environments.

The system is built around the WBT Mini transceiver. It uses the EK80 software on an integrated computer with built-in GPS. The EK80 Portable can be used with remote desktop through WiFi. It can be controlled by your handheld device, or you can use any laptop on the WiFi network. As a backup, a small touch-screen is built into the solution.

The Wide Band Transceiver requires an external power supply offering 12 to 15 Vdc, minimum 5 A. The transceiver can also be powered by a large-capacity battery. A  suitable power supply is provided with the delivery.

RAW echo sounder data are recorded to the integrated SSD disk or USB flash drive easily connected to the front panel.

The system is compatible with any Simrad echo sounder transducer. A selection of EK80 licenses is available based on the requested frequency band.

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