Simrad EK80 Portable Entry

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Simrad EK80 Portable Entry

The EK80 Portable Entry is all you need for ecosystem monitoring and analysis in one package – at a reasonable price.

EK80 Portable Entry bundle comprises:

Simrad EK80 Portable Entry

This is a complete rugged echo sounder with a built-in computer, GPS and WiFi for remote operation. The core of the product is the WBT Mini, a compact EK80 wideband transceiver with four channels. The Entry bundle uses three of these channels for the 38 kHz split beam, while the last channel is used for the 200 kHz single beam.

The EK80 Portable entry is provided with the ES38-18/200-18 transducer. This is a dual-frequency transducer combining 38 and 200 kHz in one housing. The beamwidth is 18 degrees at both frequencies to secure a large sampling volume in shallow water. Combining high and low frequencies is ideal for mapping ecosystem components and separating fish from plankton

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