Simrad EK80 Software

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Simrad EK80 Software

EK80 is a high-precision scientific echo sounder and ADCP system designed to quantify and monitor underwater ecosystems. The EK80 is a  modular system capable of operating several different transceiver and transducer combinations, all through the same operator station.

Based on more than 60 years of research and development in close collaboration with leading marine scientists, this wide band echo sounder system has succeeded the famous EK60, which became an international standard for fish stock assessment. The EK80 is now a wideband system with an operational range from 10 kHz to 500 kHz. The extreme range resolution and improved target characterization allow for a wide range of oceanographic applications.

A wide selection of high-quality accurate surface- and depth transceivers and transducers are available for a flexible system, capable of integration on sensor platforms from small to large.

Real-time echo integration and target strength analysis in an unlimited number of layers are provided as well as storage of raw data for replay or analysis in one of several post-processing software packages. Several post-processing alternatives are available for rapid survey analysis and reporting.

Simrad EK80 Screen Capture

(A) Top bar gives you fast access to key functionality and navigational information.
(B) Replay bar allows you to retrieve saved files and control the playback.
(C) Echogram views
(D) Information panels provide additional and detailed data from the EK80 presentation.
(E) Main menu system
(F) Secondary menus
(G) Bottom bar

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