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Simrad EK80 Family

The EK80 scientific echo sounder systems provide high‐quality target strength, target position, and volume backscattering strength measurements over a large dynamic range for a wide range of frequencies. 

The EK80 Family comprises transceivers, transducers, EK80 software, and planning tools for all types of marine excavations using echo sounders.

Simrad EK80 SystemFamily

A: Display and Processor unit

B: Transceivers of the following types - WBT Mini, WBT Tube, WBT and EC150-3C

C: Transducers

At the heart of this family is the EK80 software which processes and displays the data from the acoustic signals transmitted by the echo sounder. The transceiver functionality is placed in a range of available products such as WBT, WBT Mini, WBT Tube, EK80 Portable, and Portable Entry. Each of these transceivers is used with one or more suitable transducers, with the exception of the EK80 Portable Entry which is delivered with an ES38/200-18 transducer.

For operating the EK echo sounders in autonomous mode the application EK Mission planner is available. This allows the user to plan and configure operations prior to the deployment of the system.

With the EC150-3C transducer, the EK80 repeats its performance as an innovative acoustic system. It combines the absolute backscatter measurements from the split-beam echo sounder with physical oceanographic measurements from the acoustic doppler current profiler (ADCP) beams. And it all happens in one single instrument.

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