Simrad IS20 Instruments

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Recommended For:

  • Recreation
  • Coastal Fishing
  • Workboats


Simrad IS20 Instruments

Recommended For:

  • Recreation
  • Coastal Fishing
  • Workboats

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Simrad IS20 Instruments

Simrad IS20 Multi function Marine Instruments - clear, concise data with excellent precision. The IS20 multifunction instrument series features the SimNet data bus and active sensor technology, providing unsurpassed performance and ease of use.

Simple installation - plug and play integration - save time and cost

  • No need for access on the inside of the console or dashboard
  • Remove the four corner caps, screw the instruments into the prepared space and replace the caps
  • Plug and play with Simrad Intelligent Marine Network - SimNet- Slim line connectors for easy cable routing
  • Connect the IS20 marine instruments and sensor in any order

All Simrad IS20 marine instrument dials and buttons are illuminated for dusk and night operation. Get great viewing clarity in low light or dusk conditions by selecting the white illumination. Keep your night vision intact by selecting the red backlight at night.

IS20 Digital Marine Instruments

The Simrad IS20 Digital marine instruments provide an assortment of graphic trend indicators and sophisticated navigation data on a large high contrast dot matrix display, providing easy viewing in any light condition.

Simrad IS20 Combi Marine Instrument

The Simrad IS20 Combi System include the all in one DST800 active SimNet transducer, making it ideal as a stand alone Depth, Speed, Temp display for sail or power boats, or as part of a larger integrated Simrad IS20 multifunction marine instrument system.

Four preconfigured data pages – providing a combination of easy to read Depth, Temperature, Speed and Trip Log data.

  • Depth, choose between metres, feet or fathoms
  • Speed, choose between knots, mph or kmph
  • Large control buttons

Simrad IS20 Graphic Instrument

The Simrad IS20 Graphic is ideal as a dedicated instrument for any data to be read at distance in the cockpit or on the mast. It also offers the flexibility to quickly toggle between display pages makes the Simrad IS20 Graphic the perfect universal performance marine instrument.

Choose from 8 user configurable easy to read data pages with multiple data types on one screen, including Speed, Depth, Wind, Log, Timer and Vessel Data. The instrument can also operate as a multifunction SimNet repeater for other products.

Simrad IS20 Analogue Marine Instruments

The Simrad IS20 analog marine instruments provide classic style easy to read needle pointers and center mounted high contrast LCD display, combined with precise Micro Stepper-Motor technology and 4 control buttons, makes the Simrad IS20 Analog marine instruments exceptionally precise and easy to use.

Simrad IS20 Wind Instrument

The Simrad IS20 analog wind system includes the Simrad IS20 high performance SimNet Wind Vane. A highly advanced Kalman filter insures superior accuracy and fast reaction time to changes in wind speed and direction.

  • Apparent and True Wind Angle and Wind Speed
  • VMG (Velocity Made Good)
  • High Performance SimNet Wind Vane
  • Advanced Kalman Wind Filter
  • SimNet Slim Line Cables and Connections for Easy Installation

Simrad IS20 Tack Instrument

The Simrad IS20 Tack marine instrument provides a magnified view of the wind angle and is a must for day cruisers and club racers when sailing close hauled.

  • Apparent and True Wind Angle, Wind Speed
  • VMG (Velocity Made Good)

Simrad IS20 Rudder Instrument

The Simrad IS20 Rudder Marine Instrument provides precise readout of rudder angle which makes it invaluable when docking your boat or use it to trim your boat to the least rudder resistance while sailing. The Simrad IS20 Rudder System includes the Rudder display and rudder angle sensor.

Additionally the instrument is capable of displaying compass heading and cross track error when connected to the Simrad IS20 Compass system or a SimNet compatible autopilot.

Simrad IS20 Compass Instrument

The Simrad IS20 COMPASS marine instrument System provides a precise 360° analog and digital heading read out. Additionally the “Lock to Course Feature” enables display of cross track error (XTE).

  • 360° analog compass readout
  • FC40 Fluxgate Compass Sensor (Optional RC42 Rate Compass Available)
  • SimNet Slim Line Cables and Connections for Easy Installation