Lowrance HDS Gen 2 Touch

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Recommended For:

  • Recreation
Lowrance HDS Gen 2 Touch

Recommended For:

  • Recreation

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Lowrance HDS Gen 2 Touch

New from Lowrance the HDS Gen 2 Touch Series of Displays. The HDS Touch is a powerful, easy to use system with unique features.

Easy to Use, Touch Screen Control

The HDS Touch has simple and easy to master operational control. The menu screen is even easy to use in rough conditions. The enhancements to the SonarMax screen also provide excellent superior sunlight and wider angle viewing.

Wider, Brighter Displays

You have the choice of three screen sizes; the 12 inch which provides unmatched clarity and detail. You also have the 7 inch unit which packs all the HDS touch technology into one compact package. Also available is the new 9 inch display providing an excellent compromise between size and price.

The HDS Gen 2 Touch Displays are available as two options HDS or HDSm – chartplotter only, allowing you flexibility in choosing the right display for you.

Built in, Four-Channel Sonar Technology

The HDS Gen 2 Touch HDS Displays also have the award winning Broadband Sounder inbuilt and when combined with the Downscan imaging gives you a detailed view of structure and fish details for easier interpretation.

Trackback View with New Preview Pane

Scroll back through your sonar history and mark waypoints without sacrificing real time recordings. The new preview pane also gives a quick way to reference the area of sonar history you are covering.

Downscan overlay

Lowrance’s exclusive Downscan Overlay combines the best of two sonar views directly beneath your boat; Broadband Sounder and DownScan Imaging.

Built in Structure map Overlay

You can also overlay StructureScan left and right side images on any map for an easy to interpret picture of the structure below, and where it is in relation to your boat.

Flexible Networking Options

You can network and share data across all HDS displays, providing flexibility and cost benefits. All units are NMEA 2000, NMEA 0183 and Ethernet compatible with up to 2 Ethernet ports.

Performance Upgrade Choices

The HDS Gen 2 Touch is also compatible with Broadband 4G and 3G radar, LGC-4000 external antenna, Sonic Hub Marine Audio server, AIS system, engine interface cables, plus video camera inputs are also available on the 9 & 12 inch models.