Simrad Yachting today is the result of the union of a number of companies that in their time were ground-breakers in their areas of technology. Names such as Robertson, Simonsen Radio and Shipmate were all recognised as the foremost names in their fields in their time. Their legacies live on in Simrad Yachting to this day through the range of leisure and professional marine products.

Simrad AP48 Autopilot 

Discontinued - please see Simrad A2004.

Simrad AP60 Autopilot - discontinued

IMO Approved Gyro Compass from Simrad

Simrad GC80 Gyro Compass MK2

Powerful radar scanner in compact dome.

Simrad HALO20+ Pulse Compression Radar

Compact radar dome providing 48nm range

Simrad HALO24 Pulse Compression Radar

Powerful, longer range radar from Simrad

Simrad HALO3000 Series Pulse Compression Radar

Simrad I3005 Instrument

Simrad I3007 Instrument

IMO Type approved ECDIS system

Simrad Maris ECDIS900 Mk15

Simrad NSO Evo3s 

VHF/AIS/FM Antenna Splitter

Simrad NSPL-500 AIS Splitter


Simrad P2005 GPS System

GPS System with 7

Simrad P3007 GPS System


Simrad R2009 Radar Control Unit

16" Radar Display from Simrad

Simrad R3016 Radar Control Unit

12v Reversible Hydraulic Pumps

Simrad Reversible Pumps

Reliable DSC VHF from Simrad

Simrad RS20S Fixed DSC VHF

Fixed VHF with Class B AIS Receiver

Simrad RS40 VHF with AIS Receiver

VHF with built in AIS transceiver from Simrad

Simrad RS40-B VHF Radio with AIS Transceiver

Simrad SY50

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