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Simrad is the world's most recognized brand in professional fish finding equipment and have more than 50 years of experience in design and manufacturing of advanced fishery sonars, echo sounders and net instruments.

Simrad take pride in offering the fisherman the best tools for efficient, selective and sustainable fishery.

In addition, Simrad provides the benchmark equipment for the world wide fishery research community. Every day, Simrad's equipment is aiding scientist estimating the biomass of the oceans, a factor is so important for sustainable fishery.

Simrad PC Flow Sensor

Simrad PX MultiCatch Sensor

Simrad PX Universal Sensor

Simrad EK80 Family Summary

EK80 Family from Simrad

120kHz Split Beam Transducer

Simrad 120kHz ES120-2.5x10

500w 120kHz Split Beam Transducer

Simrad 120kHz ES120-4x10

Simrad Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP)

Simrad C-All 

Simrad CP200-5C

EK Mission Planner

Simrad EK Mission Planner

Simrad EK80 Portable System

Simrad EK80 Portable

Simrad EK80 Portable Entry

Simrad EK80 Software

Simrad EK80 Tube

Simrad EK80 WBT Tube

Simrad ES38-18/200-18CR

Simrad ES38-18/200-18CR

Simrad FS70

Multifunction Sensor overview

Simrad PX Catch Monitoring Sensor Overview

Simrad PX Sensor Measurements

Simrad Trawl Eye Sensor

Simrad PX Trawl Eye Sensor

Simrad ST90

Simrad TV80 Catch Monitoring Software

Simrad WBAT

Simrad WBT Mini

Simrad EK80 WBT

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