Founded in 2003 Xinuo provide a full range of GPS Navigators, Charplotters and AIS Receivers and Transponders

10 inch Colour AIS Chartplotter from Xinuo

Xinuo XF-1069B 10" AIS Chartplotter

5" Chartplotter from Xinou

Xinou XF-520 5" Chartplotter

Colour AIS chartplotter from Xinuo

Xinuo HM-5907 7" AIS Chartplotter

Xinuo HM-5915N 15" AIS Chartplotter

17" Chartplotter from Xinuo

Xinuo HM-5917N 17" AIS Chartplotter

Xinuo 10 inch Colour Chartplotter

Xinuo XF-1069 10" Chartplotter


Xinuo XF-808 8" Chartplotter

Xinuo XN-60 10.1" Multi Touch AIS Chartplotter

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