Well Being Advisor

Willow is responsible for staff moral and well-being. Since her appointment to the Macduff office at 10-weeks old she has undergone an intensive snuggle therapy course. Following completion, all Echomaster staff can confirm that there are now very few ‘bad days’ that can’t be made better by a visit to their desk (or their knee) from Willow. Going above and beyond her official duties, Willow also acts as company greeter to any visitors to the office, meeting all who enter with her toy of the day, a smiley face and a waggy tail

Favourite Place in the Office

Any warm chair! Willow is a stealth chair steeler… she will sneak in and curl up on your chair as soon as the opportunity arises 

Guilty Pleasure

Willow has all the toys she could ask for, but her favourite is always an empty roll of tape that she likes to look through as she patrols the office

Claim to Shame

Once left a message under Andrew’s desk.

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